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Date: 2014. november 2.

Location: Ózd, Városi Stadion, Bolyki főút 4.

GPS: 48.221785,20.269046

Organizer: Ózdi Kerékpáros Egyesület


Phone: +36-20-569-9231

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As a founding member of the cyclo-cross disciplines Supercross series of 1999 was already 4. Ózdi Cycling Association time now by the Ózd Cup.

To be held on November 2. Ózdi competition , which is the main sponsor of Municipality of time , so the series bears the name Ózd Cup again accordingly. Competition is the usual , and you could say run- in will be held at Municipal Stadium . The track trail will go through a minimal change over the past évkehez , which means that in case of dry weather for the start and finish area will be built 400m cinder running track around the center court where each turn passing the racers so hopefully the viewers for more eye-catching and makes it easier to keep the race. Rear ( who has been here knows that this is the area around the basketball court ) is a little more tickle csukis parts or sharp corners combinations on the grassy stretch expected , which technikásabbá slower and would like to make a career in the field. In addition , of course, remains a two step run up and double hoop.

The Ózdi Cycling Association once again trying to meet the expectations of drivers supported , so this year is chip time measurement or competition after a couple of sausages , hot tea or a glass of mulled wine waiting for the competitors and get pre- qualified name starting package.

V.Ozd Kupa 2

Important information for the contest is that the toilet is next to parking lot will not be expected to operate because of the ” winterization „, so we ask the drivers to toilets in the stadium ‘s headquarters is in use.

We also want to draw attention to the teams and riders to race in the tent, banners , etc. . and out of place by appointment only and is approved by the organizers was done !

Course 2013.

Course 2014.



Year of Birth

Start time

Race time

Male U15



25-30 min

Male U17



25-30 min

Male U19



40-45 min

Male U23



55-65 min

Male Adult (Elite)



55-65 min

Male Master1



55-65 min

Male Master2



40-45 min

Male Master3



25-30 min

Female U17



25-30 min

Female Adult



40-45 min

Male Hobby


25-30 min


Changing entry: 

One contestant can enter either his/her Age-Category or Male Adult (Elite) Category. It is possible for any contestant from Male U15 to Male Master 3 to enter or reenter to Category Male Adult (Elite). Changing entry is possible only once in a season, and only upward to the stronger category.

To see the consequences of the complex results go to Total Score (Összesítés).
There are no restrictions of bicycles in either category – you may line up with any bike in proper technical condition (single, with two working brake, etc).
You can enter hobby category only if you don’t have licence. We recommend this category for those racers who want to get to know this form of competition.


On-site registration: from 9:00 am. End of registration: 1 hour before the race starts.
1st start: 11:00 am– Male U15, Male and Female U17, Male Master 3, Hobby
2nd start: 11:45 am – Male U19, Female Adult, Male Master 2
3rd start: 1:00 pm – male U23, Male Adult (Elite), Male Master 1
Announcement of results and award ceremony: 2:30 pm (14:30)
Received Race Numbers are valid for the whole tournament. These  numbers must be worn according to the advice of the organizers. In case of lost or left home racers can get another race number by paying 700 HUF of replacement fee.
Category U15, U17 and U19: 1 500 HUF
Other Categories: 2 500 HUF

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On-Site Registration:
Category U15, U17 and U19: 2 000 HUF
Other Categories: 3 000 HUF
You can get more information about each race from the organizers or
Based on UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cups scoring:


At the end of the tournament the 6 most successful scores will be counted for each bikers. (In case of score equallity there will be comparing, such as: better position on any individual race or races, more better position during the tournament, time results on the same races).
At the summary in addition to those category, there will be prize for the best team, base on the 4 best scoring individual racers.
The award ceremony of the tournament will be held in Budapest, on the day of the last race.
On each races all those competitors who started off, but have not arrived to the finish (DNF) will receive 1 point. Those ones who haven’t started (DNS) or had disqualied (DSQ) will score 0 point.
In case of changing category the racer gets the last place at the original category (with displaying of the scores).You can change category only once in a season, only to stronger one and only to Male Adult (Elite).
There is no summary for the Hobby Category at the end of the tournament.
You can expect on each stop of the tournament civilized parking, changing, shower, toilet opportunities, bikes-cleaning station, electronic timing. (For the other services what are included in the entree fee the organizers of each races will decide.)

Helmet mast be worn at any time by those racers who enter the racetrack (going over the track or during the race.
In case of wheels change by the help of a mechanic, or giving refreshments to the racers can be done only at the technical zones.
Only one direction is allowed for riding on the racetrack, do not turn back to the technical zone, or any other reason!
Those competitors who have been outrun by faster riders must give way at the very first time when it becomes possible.
Avoiding of the obstacles placed on the route, shortening of the racetrack, or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result an instant disqualification.

Competitors of the race with their signing must declare the followings before entry:
They enter the competition with their full responsibility.
They are in good physical condition, do not suffer from any disease what can affect or prevent their performance.
In case of any injury or damage before-, during-, or after competition the director association, the director and organizer, or organizations of the competition, the owners and operators of the property affected by the race route  under no any circumstances will be held liable or responsible.
In case of accident or injury associated with the competition they waive of any legal proceedings against those listed in the previous paragraph. They understand that in case of an accident they can not make any claim against the above listing. They have personal and financial responsibility for any damage caused by them before, during, or after race.
Competitors accept that they may appear in films or images made of this sport event, as well as the use of them in advertising. They are not allowed to charge fee for that.
They accept that organizers of the competition shall not be liable for the problems caused by incorrect fillings of the entry form.


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